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Maagd - 1 September 2014

  • You won't listen to anyone's advice and will go it alone. However, try not to rush matters as this could hinder your success. You'll manage to involve your beloved in one of your crazy ideas. This will help you get to know all sides of his or her character.
  • You'll be forgetful, try to remember important appointments and maybe write them down. Don't get carried away by your partner's insinuations and try to maintain an iron will. Only in this way will you be able to triumph.
  • You'll be able to increase your range and scope and invest in a more attractive sector in line with your expectations. You'll be resentful to your loved one due to lack of respect towards this person. This is also because you don't like talking of problems in front of others.
  • Don't justify yourself for an error you've made; probably, nobody even noticed and it's neither relevant nor important anyway. Have more faith in yourself. You will be able to clear up a recent quarrel with your partner. Try not to nag him or her with your stubbornness.
  • The road will be regular and without danger; don't worry about long waits as implications will be positive and in your favor. You'll flirt with a new acquaintance and make advances, making sure he or she notices your great dress sense.
  • You'll face every single decision with determination and energy, not really letting others intervene but try not to rile your superiors. You should really try to work on your relationship and build it on solid principles. Your partner seems no longer to have faith in you despite the fact that your feelings are still intense.
  • Your work routine could be threatened by someone who'll try to overpower you. Your serenity will help you defend yourself. Your beloved will appreciate your romantic ways; try not to fall into the usual trap - everything will go well and you can enjoy a relaxing phase.
  • Lady Luck is on your side, giving you new opportunities, vitality and the desire to do as much as possible. Try not to be dispersive and concentrate. You could feel jealous towards your partner's ex; just remember that he or she is with you now.
  • Jupiter, the planet of success, sends beneficial influences to your sign. Optimism will give you a full vision allowing you to reach a certain self-confidence. You'll feel happy that a new acquaintance will accept your invitation. You'll enjoy a great evening together and get to know one another.
  • You'll have to deal with a hostile person who has heaps of initiative. He or she will interfere in a work matter. This is a fertile period - a baby may be on the way so use precautions if you are not yet ready for a child.
  • A great phase, full of ingenious ideas which you could put into action with the collaboration of those around you. You'll be surrounded by cool, lively people who'll try to drag you to an exciting, unusual evening. Involve your partner however.
  • You'll see improvements and will grasp every opportunity. Spend a little and invest. Nothing can hold you back; you'll find the courage to distance yourself from someone who has recently tried to win you over but you'll make your feelings known straight away. This will lead to disappointment.
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