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Boogschutter - 18 December 2014

  • Deal with an arrogant, over-confident colleague who will try to make you edgy. Stay calm and be indifferent. Your loved one really trusts you and will try to comply with you to simplify and ease problems.
  • Everything is going well but you should try to single out an envious colleague who is trying to put you in a bad light with the boss. If your relationship is unstable and you want to improve it, the first thing the Stars advise you to do is be very sincere.
  • You'll feel irritated by an environment which is not what you expected. Plenty of occasions to show your discontent or even pick a fight. You'll feel a great urge to escape and will try to convince your loved one to do something out of the ordinary.
  • Be careful and avoid making mistakes as you could lose a great deal of money. You should really try to work on your relationship and build it on solid principles. Your partner seems no longer to have faith in you despite the fact that your feelings are still intense.
  • Jupiter's presence means you'll earn more and you'll become more captivating, pleasing new partners. This morning, as you leave the house towards lunch time, someone will look at you with great admiration. Try not to be too cold and approach him or her.
  • Your projects will be largely appreciated and let you climb the career ladder or get a long-awaited pay raise. You'll be very attracted to a kind, gentle person who you've recently met but who you feel you've known for a long time.
  • You'll devote all your time to unimportant duties as you have no desire to stress out over more important matters but be careful as someone is watching you. Don't get too upset if your beloved is over inquisitive; you have nothing to hide.
  • Try to be meek and avoid any form of arrogance or aggression towards co-workers who behave differently than you do. You'll be on top form; if you are single, you'll be very successful.
  • Make a concerted effort when dealing with a superior who pretends to be unaware of a certain situation which is causing grief amongst co-workers. You'll receive an interesting offer from your loved one and this will lead to complicity and emotional harmony.
  • Finally, your aspirations will be fulfilled; you'll have important contacts which will give you hope for the future. You'll be very curious about a telephone call which will cause you to doubt your partner's loyalty and sincerity. Avoid unjust accusations.
  • You will cast away your worries and will live daily life in a better way. Maybe you can off-load some work onto a colleague? This is a phase where your relationship is consolidated. You'll have the sensation that doubts and uncertainties are finally over.
  • You'll have a great spirit of collaboration and this means you'll work well as part of team. This will help both your income and self-esteem. If you are in a relationship, avoid allusions and criticism as these could lead to separation.
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