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Kreeft - 30 Juni 2015

  • You will be able to rely on a freelancer who will protect you from the negativity of someone in your firm. You'll be able to spice up this phase in an evening where you and your beloved break rules together.
  • Don't force events; try to accept limits and find the time to find equilibrium and harmony. You'll be strongly attracted by a new acquaintance's friendly and kind ways and will do all you can to attract his or her attention possibly by using flattery.
  • You'll have valid opportunities but the stars are not in your favor so you may lose these chances through laziness or indifference. You'll be able to reinvigorate and strengthen your relationship confiding your concerns and secrets.
  • At work you'll be noticed and will be singled out as being one of the best in your field. This means you'll be able to ask for a pay rise. Somebody will cause irritation to your relationship; try not to be too critical and don't get bitter.
  • You'll be able to take some time out to reflect on the future but don't take any drastic decisions about work and wait for valid opportunities. You won't accept orders from your beloved and you'll be tempted to knock everything on the head. The Stars advise a little more maturity.
  • You probably will have differing points of view to a rival at work. A heated disagreement is likely regarding domestic issues. Deal with this.
  • An excellent day for your professional development, both from the actual duties and from a financial point of view. Try not to be late for a date as your beloved will not appreciate this and will remind you of this time and time again.
  • You'll need to respect deadlines, otherwise you could lose some money. You'll feel sort of dissatisfied and it'll be difficult for you to share this with your loved one. However, try not to be disagreeable with him or her.
  • This phase will be more interesting due to a risky investment; however try not to incite envy at work. You'll meet a new acquaintance and this will make this phase exciting and passionate. Try to be yourself and not exaggerate things.
  • You'll realize a change is needed to improve your daily situation and build towards a more solid future. You may be accused of being unsubtle by highlighting your partner's faults in front of people who your partner does not really appreciate and to whom he/ she rarely speaks of himself/ herself.
  • With commitment and dedication, a boss will notice you, be grateful and allow you to grow professionally. Don't get too involved in your beloved's business - just worry about your own problems.
  • A gentle and helpful co-worker will help you get out of a difficult and compromising situation. Do not trust your instinct which will be put to the test by your loved one's unexpected attitude, so try to stay cautious.
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