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Ram - 2 April 2015

  • You'll meet people who will stimulate your creative nature and desire to show others how lively you are. You'll have great fervor in this period and will be the life and soul of the party. It'll be easy to win others over and cheer yourself up.
  • You'll make a risqué comment to a boss who lately has had his or her head in the clouds. You'll be very seductive and can expect many happy moments tonight; this will give you more self confidence.
  • A very positive phase, especially if you're self-employed. An abuse of power will put you into a bad mood and will make you more impatient towards your partner. Try not be impulsive.
  • You'll feel you are giving your best yet not receiving equal treatment in return so it's better not to act at the moment. Don't irritate your loved one by repeating the same things; try to be more accommodating and gentler towards him or her.
  • You'll be very scrupulous, watching carefully over those in your midst but you'll use ways which will irritate work partners. You'll be irresistible; if you are single, everyone will be interested in you and if you are in a relationship, your partner will be more loving towards you.
  • You'll want to manage your work autonomously and will impose your will. Avoid being brusque and act with diplomacy. Be firm with your partner to prevent him or her from having the upper hand in important decisions which you should be taking together.
  • Try to stop following impossible dreams and work out what your real possibilities are; otherwise you risk compromising all your efforts. You'll be punctilious and capricious towards your partner. You'll want him or her to give in to all your whims and will listen to no advice whatsoever. Try not to go too far.
  • You'll have more to do at work but this will help your professional growth and you'll be considered indispensable at work. You'll decide to organize a short vacation with your partner. This will finally help to relieve stress and tension.
  • You'll manage a new task really well and this will highlight your initiative and great ideas. You'll feel the urge to devote more time to your loved one and put him or her at the center of attention. You'll generously give some nice gifts.
  • You'll have to be diplomatic when faced with an opportunity which arises. Try not to act arrogantly. Expect to make several important choices for your relationship like having a child together.
  • You'll find the right solution at the right moment; you'll forget past upset and finally, after so much bitterness, you'll obtain personal satisfaction. Don't get upset if you mistakenly assumed you'd soon meet new interesting people. Just make the most of this period to reflect and grow as a person.
  • You'll have to make an effort and work hard if you want to change your life and grow professionally. Avoid arguing with bosses. You feel your relationship is a little static and this will make you irritable with your partner who will find this behavior confusing.
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