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Waterman - 26 Januari 2015

  • The day starts well for you as the Stars bring news which will determine your success. Avoid talking too much about yourself and ask your beloved for advice on how to act when faced with a family matter which has concerned you for some time.
  • You'll be able to show your real value and take revenge on those who didn't believe in your potential. If you want your relationship to improve, you shouldn't always give in to his or her whims. Let your beloved realize you have other interests.
  • Don't be controlled by your negative side and you'll be firm in your principles. Finally, you'll be calmer and worry less. Finally, you'll be serene. Old rancor will be overcome and you'll find new and unexpected opportunities to live better and dedicate yourself with more passion to your partner's demands.
  • Cast aside this negativity; be creative as this is the only way forwards. Everything will go smoothly, you'll be able to fulfill your desires and will have a romantic evening full of tenderness.
  • You'll be very prudent with money and will tend to limit spending. You'll try to save as much as possible to prepare for difficult times. A phone call will bring back memories of the past. You'll go through a nostalgic phase and will think of an old flame who filled a long period in your life.
  • If you want to avoid problems, don't externalize what is worrying you and avoid giving gratuitous advice to others in your midst. A close friend will give you sound advice and this will be helpful in dealing with problems you have in your relationship.
  • You'll go through a different phase thanks to an invitation which will let you make new acquaintances for your job. You must stay calm when your partner provokes you. Try to reciprocate his or her coldness by being distant and disinterested.
  • You'll have to make an effort and work hard if you want to change your life and grow professionally. Avoid arguing with bosses. Astral influences will be beneficial and everything will go perfectly. You'll be more comprehensive and your relationship will go through an unrepeatable moment.
  • Stimulating influences are ahead; don't be impulsive and be prudent at all times. You'll be egocentrical and this will annoy your loved one, making him her difficult to live with. The Stars recommend solving this with a romantic dinner.
  • You'll be able to get a new position or obtain a promotion. Just don't trip yourself up. Be firm with your partner to prevent him or her from having the upper hand in important decisions which you should be taking together.
  • Today you'll be able to recuperate and find excellent solutions to a situation which has recently made you anxious. You will be able to clear up a recent quarrel with your partner. Try not to nag him or her with your stubbornness.
  • You will feel angry at some irresponsible co-workers and this anger will affect your concentration levels. Don't suffocate your feelings, you should have been open from the start even if you are afraid you may get a negative response from the person you have your eye on.
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