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Maagd - 28 Augustus 2015

  • You'll be very ingenious and will act responsibly for the development of a new project which will take up a lot of your time. You'll be very capricious; your beloved will make some suggestions but your mind will be on other things and this may lead to minor tiffs.
  • Physically and physiologically you will be subject to ups and downs. Try to regenerate yourself and believe in yourself as this is the only way to be successful. Your loved one will show you the intensity of his or her feelings without asking for anything in exchange. Be careful however you don't go too far and try to be fair towards your partner.
  • You'll get the impression that someone is controlling your work; continue to work as normal and everything will be OK. Venus makes you the favorite sign of the Zodiac. You'll be able to solve problems if you are part of a couple and to conquer new friends if you are single.
  • This phase will be more interesting due to a risky investment; however try not to incite envy at work. You'll feel intense emotions when you meet a person who was very important to you in the past.
  • Everything goes smoothly with no hitches whatsoever. You'll be able to get new opportunities by being serious and professional in interpersonal relations. Your loved one will be truly happy with your spirit of initiative and will follow you with great curiosity in everything. You'll be very enthusiastic and passionate.
  • One of your superiors will treat you in an ambiguous way; this will irritate you and you will make your feelings perfectly clear. Due to your partner's forgetfulness, tonight's plans go up in smoke but you'll take the blame.
  • You'll feel the need for new experiences to show off your qualities and flair for business. You'll be very understanding and supportive with your beloved who has been a little fragile lately and has had some problems.
  • Work autonomously as relationships with those in your midst won't be great. Do things your way. Memories can make you melancholy. Try to get through this phase by not over dramatizing and by joking about things which have upset you.
  • Your energy and combativeness will make you feel invincible and you will earn the sympathy of colleagues and superiors. You'll be able to rekindle your feelings and passion for your beloved and will be sweet and gentle towards him or her.
  • You'll earn more than what you thought and this will make you happy as finally you can buy yourself something. The Stars advise you to avoid being invasive with your beloved so avoid calling him or her too much and you'll soon see you'll get more back.
  • You'll be very favored by the Stars, especially if you work for yourself. If you are an employee, you'll find a way to clarify your situation. Don't be put off by your partner's cold and inconstant behavior as it's just another way of showing he or she has some concerns.
  • You won't want to give in to a superior's directives as you'll be convinced you know how to work. Eventually however you'll give in. Venus will increase your chances of charming someone and will let you be the centre of attention.
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