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Schorpioen - 22 November 2014

  • Don't justify yourself for an error you've made; probably, nobody even noticed and it's neither relevant nor important anyway. Have more faith in yourself. You will no longer desire solitude and will finally start to enjoy harmonious moments with your beloved.
  • After so much bitterness and disappointments, a new opportunity will stimulate you and let you feel confident when exposed to envious people. You'll have a heightened sixth sense and this will help you ward off any jealousy your partner may feel. This will also help you to anticipate all his or her moves.
  • Jupiter's presence means you'll earn more and you'll become more captivating, pleasing new partners. You will be very introvert and will want to isolate yourself to find inner peace. The Stars on the other hand, suggest confiding in someone and involving your loved one
  • You'll show you are conscientious and aware of your limits. This attitude will be greatly appreciated and will avoid disagreements with a superior. A phone call will bring back memories of the past. You'll go through a nostalgic phase and will think of an old flame who filled a long period in your life.
  • You'll realize just what your limits are and use the right tactics to climb the career ladder. Avoid talking too much about yourself and ask your beloved for advice on how to act when faced with a family matter which has concerned you for some time.
  • You'll carry out a new duty with great responsibility and will complete it. This will lead to praise and thanks. Today you'll have a great deal of respect for coupledom and you'll try to distract your loved one by making him or her make small changes.
  • A great phase, full of ingenious ideas which you could put into action with the collaboration of those around you. Everything will go smoothly, you'll be able to fulfill your desires and will have a romantic evening full of tenderness.
  • You'll be irritated by your increasing workload especially as this is impacting on your private life. You'll feel a little on edge as things aren't going as you'd like them to and you won't be able to keep your promises.
  • You'll get great results by working in partnership with someone in whom you previously had little faith. Today you won't have the right instinct towards your partner. You could be invasive and indelicate.
  • Avoid saying what you think as this could offend one of your bosses. You'll have heaps of regenerative energy and this will help make your relationship far more pleasant.
  • You'll have valid opportunities but the stars are not in your favor so you may lose these chances through laziness or indifference. You'll be very stubborn and not willing to satisfy your partner's needs; you'll hurriedly complete all your projects and will be very impatient.
  • Things will get better; you can sigh with relief and acquire new values putting you back on a winning track. You'll feel the urge to devote more time to your loved one and put him or her at the center of attention. You'll generously give some nice gifts.
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