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Leeuw - 29 Juli 2015

  • You'll feel the need for new experiences to show off your qualities and flair for business. You'll be able to rekindle your feelings and passion for your beloved and will be sweet and gentle towards him or her.
  • A positive phase; promotions are on the cards and this will be useful for your economic situation. The Stars advise you to avoid being invasive with your beloved so avoid calling him or her too much and you'll soon see you'll get more back.
  • Try not to come up against your superior as this could make work relations difficult and you could lose respect. Today the sky suggests the danger of aggression from your partner. Be careful therefore to not provoke him or her and be as sincere as you can.
  • You can gain your collaborators' trust by involving them in the current situation. They'll be understanding and helpful. If you still haven't found Mr. or Mrs. Right, you'll be very lucky in this phase and will meet someone new who could become very special.
  • An excellent day for your professional development, both from the actual duties and from a financial point of view. You'll feel like opening up and confiding the reasons for your recent sadness to your loved ones.
  • You'll be highly convincing, will win over co-workers with your banter but don't talk too much. You'll be strongly attracted by a new acquaintance's friendly and kind ways and will do all you can to attract his or her attention possibly by using flattery.
  • Everything will go smoothly, albeit step by step so don't worry about anything. The Stars are on your side anyhow. You'll have to use all your charm to attract the attention of someone you feel strongly about. Try not to overdo it or you'll be disappointed.
  • A minor disappointment is forecast but don't let this upset you as there are great opportunities on the cards. Wait for the right time to tell your loved one what you think of him or her; you risk jeopardizing his or her efforts of this last phase.
  • You won't be very interested in a new task given you which is unstimulating both financially and professionally. Probably something is irritating you and making you edgy. However try to think a lot of your loved one and you'll be tempted to give him or her a surprise.
  • Thanks to your co-workers' and your own initiative, a project will go well. You'll feel very strong and calm, absolved from recent tensions. You can make important steps forward and set deadlines.
  • You'll have the force of character necessary to overcome difficulties and to make the choices necessary to take you towards a favorable period. Expect to make several important choices for your relationship like having a child together.
  • You'll be able to take some time out to reflect on the future but don't take any drastic decisions about work and wait for valid opportunities. You'll feel like opening up and confiding the reasons for your recent sadness to your loved ones.
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