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Maagd - 17 September 2014

  • You'll realize certain things aren't quite right and will try to reduce the damage done by asking your co-workers for help. Your beloved will do all he or she can to help with your everyday problems and will suggest an evening out for you to forget your worries.
  • One of your team's laziness will make you irascible and you won't hesitate to teach him or her a lesson or even take more drastic measures. You'll feel very graceful and understanding towards your loved one and this will lead to a pleasant period, full of passion and eroticism.
  • You'll be able to evaluate the current situation and deal with those who tried to put you in a bad light and harm you. If you are still looking for a partner, you'll have an excellent opportunity to start a relationship, possibly with someone you considered a friend.
  • The Stars are favorable so you'll be able to make some useful business purchases and increase your earnings. The Stars suggest a period of instability in your relationship due to your evasive ways; there is a lack of responsibility towards one another.
  • Today you'll be able to recuperate and find excellent solutions to a situation which has recently made you anxious. Try to moderate the number of times you socialize in this period as this will help keep your partner's jealousy at bay.
  • You'll be distracted and won't manage to plan for an urgent task which has been given to you. Try to sort things out quickly. Try to moderate the number of times you socialize in this period as this will help keep your partner's jealousy at bay.
  • You'll manage yourself well and will set aside a small amount of money for a rainy day. You'll be able to clear up a misunderstanding and find complicity and a new way of facing life together in a responsible way.
  • You may be prone to mood swings. Try to accept things as they are in order to avoid arguments with co-workers or superiors You'll be very prudent when dealing with your beloved and will make huge efforts to contain your disappointment.
  • You'll feel tired and disorientated by the excessive amount of work and will try to do the least possible to escape from responsibilities. You'll be very jealous of your partner's friends and will have difficulty hiding this. Act sensibly and do not make a scene.
  • The dark clouds will pass and you'll be able to sort out the chaos around you. You'll be increasingly better off financially. The Moon will ease your relationship which has recently gone through a critical phase. You'll have a great deal of initiative and be very gentle towards your partner.
  • Don't be too bossy. Delegate more to your co-workers and involve them directly in important decisions. Things will go much better in your relationship. Communication will be serene and this will be one of your best moments.
  • You'll feel like a change and for some opportunities as you feel dissatisfied and uncertain about the future. You'll tend to be moralistic towards your loved one and will make uncalled for and unfair criticism.
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