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Stier - 23 April 2014

  • Everything goes smoothly with no hitches whatsoever. You'll be able to get new opportunities by being serious and professional in interpersonal relations. You'll be excited by an intriguing situation which looks stimulating from an intellectual point of view and very dangerous if you are caught red handed.
  • A positive phase, especially if you are self-employed. You'll make great investments and increased earnings. You'll feel the urge to start an affair with someone you met in a bar or club and who showed interest in you from the start.
  • You'll feel the need for new experiences to show off your qualities and flair for business. You'll feel terrified by your loved one's provocations in front of your friends. You hate things like this and will react really badly.
  • A quiet phase. You'll be able to clarify disagreements, tensions will be alleviated and you'll be able to live joyfully. Your frenetic desire to start up a new relationship will mean you'll make mistakes; you must be more patient and have respect for your loved one.
  • You'll get revenge on someone who has underestimated you and belittled your potential. You'll spend an evening which is unlike usual evenings; routine will change and you'll experience tenderness and romanticism.
  • You'll carefully analyze your ways and try to correct previous errors. This will remedy a stagnant situation which is not in line with your expectations. You won't feel very energetic in this period so you'll try to find time for yourself. This will help your well-being.
  • You can gain your collaborators' trust by involving them in the current situation. They'll be understanding and helpful. You'll be able to organize a romantic trip with your beloved and will have reached perfect harmony.
  • A minor disappointment is forecast but don't let this upset you as there are great opportunities on the cards. Don't get too upset if your beloved is over inquisitive; you have nothing to hide.
  • Your innovative nature will mean you'll conquer those who try to block your aspirations. Don't go too far however. You'll have heaps of energy and will be really nice to your partner. You'll highlight his or her good points and this will make things go really well in the relationship.
  • A lucky phase where finally everything goes smoothly thanks to the choices you made in this phase. You won't feel as if others understand you and will be irritable towards your partner who will feel confused.
  • Something you had taken for granted will no longer go ahead as planned; however positive energy from the Stars will show you the right way forward. You'll have great opportunities to consolidate your relationship; you'll decide important dates for your life with your beloved.
  • Positive Stars will mean you'll act intelligently and promptly; great opportunities for extra earning are on the cards if you are self employed. Try to moderate the number of times you socialize in this period as this will help keep your partner's jealousy at bay.
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